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    Personal Development
    We are starting a newsletter focused on resources, inspiration, and help for people with Dyslexia with the intention to educate, uplift, and instill confidence!  Newsletter page 1 Newsletter page 2...
    Personal Development
    It is not ok to hate. You should have learned this simple concept by the age of five (at the least), but apparently it bares repeating. It feels like there is more hate in the world these past few years. People who have hatred towards other groups of...
    For those of you that are pro life/anti-abortion, you are going to love this article because it is about preventing abortions. I feel it is important with any topic to have a wide view with an open heart rather than a narrow view with an angry heart....
    Personal Development
    As I am working on a new adventure fear keeps bringing me to the point of wanting to quit. I mean paralyzing fear, sometimes terror, and thoughts of "what on earth am I thinking…I can't do this…people will think I'm crazy". I then realized that I hav...
    Personal Development
    It is ok to think differently than another. We cannot all be the same, or think the same. However, we do not have to choose to fight against one another. We do not have to be angry because someone else thinks differently, looks differently, or lives ...
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