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A Message to Those Who Hate

It is not ok to hate. You should have learned this simple concept by the age of five (at the least), but apparently it bares repeating. It feels like there is more hate in the world these past few years. People who have hatred towards other groups of people, feel more empowered to be more vocal about it.

For those who hate, I ask you to soften your heart. When the thoughts of anger and hate creep in, soften your heart. Listen to what your child self would say. You, as a child did not hate others. You learned this behavior, but as an adult you should know better. You know it is wrong, but yet you do it anyway. What is happening within you that makes you want to hate? How is your anger helping you?

Often when we hate something about someone else it is because we hate that about ourselves. So what is it you don't like about yourself and how is it serving you to take it out on others? The race, religion, culture, group that you hate is not your scapegoat. Stop being a coward and deflecting your anger unto innocent people you choose as your scapegoat and face your own crap with bravery.

Ultimately, your hate is cowardice. Either grow up or go back to being the sweet child with a pure soul that you once were. The sweet child that did not hate.

The darkness of hate overshadows the peace that is waiting for you. Let go.


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