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What I Want Everyone to Know

What I Want Everyone to Know

This is a couple paragraphs from my next book. It is kind of deep. :) 

You are not the you that you think you are. You are a conscious awareness observing your life. You are a soul. You are the spirit behind the brain shaping what it is you think about. You are a witness to the life you live. You observe without judgement, and love unconditionally, no matter what the ego part decides to screw up. You are whole and perfect, untouched by anything negative, unable to be harmed. You are light. You are the energy of pure love. You are the power and strength that can do anything. You are still; waiting, but not wanting. You will always be there, here, and everywhere. You are why we are all beautiful, no matter what. You are peace and wisdom.

Nobody is black or white or yellow. Nobody is male or female. Nobody is Danish, Norwegian, Mexican, Italian... There are no democrats or republicans. At the core, at the center of it all, we are all spirit. We are energy. We are all the same. No one is any better than another, or different from another. When you hate or judge someone else because they are different than you, you are not honoring your soul, your true self. How can you hate someone that is just like you. Underneath the human persona, we are all the same. Go beyond the thought that we are all human and all different. Elude ignorance and recognize that you are no different than I, and we are all connected. My soul is not female or white. Think past what you see with your eyes and start to see with your soul. 

Lisa Karen

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Sunday, 25 February 2024
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