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COVID Vaccine Facts

Let’s explore claims that the coronavirus is not safe because it was created so quickly and we still do not have a vaccine for cancer or AIDS etc…

Cancer and HIV are both very complex diseases, much more so than COVID 19. Cancer is also not just one disease, it is multiple diseases that can occur in many areas of the body and be different in each area. In addition, there is an HPV vaccine for cancer. You simply cannot compare these disease processes in an argument against the vaccine. It’s absurd.

I have also seen someone make the comparison against heart disease stating we do not have a vaccine for heart disease. Heart disease can be caused from many different etiologies. It can occur from another disease such as diabetes, smoking, hypertension, it can be genetic…it is not a viral illness such as influenza, covid, measles, mumps etc… Heart disease is caused from things that we cannot create a vaccine for, so this is a moot point.

This vaccine has not been rushed. It has completed all the necessary measures and safety checks. It has come to fruition quickly because there has been so much time, attention, and resources directed towards creating a vaccine.

I believe in the truth. Please be sure to check the facts instead of just making assumptions. There are a lot of people out there just saying whatever they want. It appears telling lies is more common now than ever before. Please do your own research and find the truth and do not spread lies. When you are looking for information be sure to look at reliable sources. Look at research studies and check the validity of the study.

Lisa, Registered Nurse and truth connoisseur
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Tuesday, 28 May 2024
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