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The Playground Theory

The Playground Theory

I used to go through life thinking it was hard and wondering what the next bad thing was that was going to happen to me. When things were going really well I would be worried and wonder when something bad was going to happen. 

Eventually as I grew, evolved, and learned more about personal development I realized that I create my own life. I can choose what to believe and how to think, and that is what my reality will be. 

Upon further evolution of my self a lightbulb came on (an epiphany if you will): Life is meant to be a playground! Remember when you were a child? You loved going to play on the playground. It brought you feelings of joy, exuberance, happiness. Take a moment sometime and just watch children playing on a playground. They are carefree, laughing, skipping, and playing (with an occasional picking of the nose). They are living in the moment and having the time of their lives! Once in awhile someone will cry or throw a fit (never my child of course), but they get over it and carry on with the fun. As adults we know that we have to teach our children and they learn from watching us and our behaviors. Perhaps it is time for us to learn from watching their behaviors (with exception to the nose picking). Hence, my Playground Theory is born! Life is a playground just waiting for us to play. 

In the name of imagination let's pretend that before our life on earth we all started in a different place as spiritual beings and we can choose if we want to just stay where we are and hang out with other souls or if we want to come down to earth and play, because as all spirits know, endless possibilities exist on earth. 

When we are in our spirit world thinking about earth we don't sit there and say, "Gee, I should go there and be grumpy and negative, find a job I hate, get married, then ruin my marriage. Oh! Then I can fill my body with disease and then complain to everyone how miserable I feel. I also want to be really poor and struggle to make ends meet. Ya, that would be great!" Rather, I imagine we would be thinking the opposite, "I think I'll go to earth for awhile and find loving relationships, feel joy everyday, do meaningful work that I love, and just have fun and do things that I enjoy." I think we would see earth as a playground. a place to go and find new adventures, experience new things, have fun, laugh, smile, play with others; and perhaps we may fall down sometimes and cry, but like a child, we can recover quickly and feel joy again. 

We all want and expect our children to be happy and have fun, but also to learn, grow, and evolve. So why don't we have the same expectations for ourselves? Why is it ok to go through life feeling depressed and unfulfilled? Isn't it about time you stepped onto the playground? 

Now is the time for you to change your perspective. Start seeing things differently. change your thoughts from negative to positive. Make a conscious effort to feel love and gratitude every single day. Just make sure that you are not the person at the end of their life that realizes they've wasted their whole life. There are so many opportunities in this world for you. Start to see them. Start to believe that you (yes you!) deserve them. 

We all have the power to create our life. But so many people give their power away to someone else. As an example, say you really want to be a chef someday, but someone tells you that you would never succeed at that so you never go to culinary school. You had the power to go to school and become a chef, but you gave your power away to the grump telling you that you will not succeed. Some people count on their God to create their life for them. They blame God if things are going wrong and they praise God when things are going right. Recognize that you have the power to make things go well in your life and when they are not going well you have brought that into your life. You are responsible for you and you are the only one that has the power to create your life. So start creating. What do you want to be? How do you want your life to go? Figure it out and then head in that direction. Love yourself and believe in yourself and you can do anything! You don't believe it? I created this for myself. I am a Registered Nurse by trade; never took a writing class in my life and I am now a published author because I wanted to be. This is a path I chose, it is what I deliberately created for myself. 

Start to see yourself at the adult playground, having a great time no matter what you are doing. You have a choice. You can play on the playground or you can sit in your room at home picking your nose. I know what I would choose! So what are you waiting for? Go play!


Lisa Karen

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