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When You Are Afraid to Follow Your Dreams

When You Are Afraid to Follow Your Dreams

As I am working on a new adventure fear keeps bringing me to the point of wanting to quit. I mean paralyzing fear, sometimes terror, and thoughts of "what on earth am I thinking…I can't do this…people will think I'm crazy". I then realized that I have two choices; I can either try and fail or succeed, or not try at all. It is much worse to not try at all. I also realized that if I did fail it would be ok because I trust the process of life and know that the failure will put me on the path I am meant to be on. When I look back on past failures they have always turned out to be a good thing. They felt horrible at the time, but the failures did put me on a better path. 

The other very important thing I have to keep reminding myself of, is to never allow fear to dictate my life decisions. It is ok to do things that are uncomfortable. It is growth. I think it is hard to put yourself out there and go after your dreams, but it is important to do what will honor your soul. Do things that will make your soul sing! 

I also had to remind myself that I create my reality. I have the power to create my life and am in control of that. When you think like this the feeling of powerlessness shifts to feeling powerful. 

Go after what you want. If you are scared, take it slow with small steps. But get started! Start taking those small steps in the direction you want to go. 

Always believe in yourself! Oh the things you can do that you don't even realize. 

Living life with no regrets, 

Lisa Karen

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