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Why You Should Love Your Beautiful Self

Why You Should Love Your Beautiful Self

I don't believe we were put on this earth to be miserable. I believe we are here to learn, grow, and find the path to experience joy. However, we often end up on a path that can be self-destructive, negative, and harmful to ourselves in one way or another. I think the key that opens the door to everything you want and puts you on the path you are meant to be on, is to love yourself. 

The fact that you exist and are breathing is enough proof that you are worthy of loving yourself. You are good enough to love yourself. You deserve to live without suffering. Pay attention to the way you think about yourself. When you are beating yourself up, expecting perfection, or feeling not good enough in any way, change those thoughts. Program your brain to think differently. Create a new loving thought and repeat that thought on a regular basis. Do it numerous times a day for the rest of your life if you have to. 

Even if you are a total butthole jerk and have done bad things in the past, you still deserve to feel love for self and when you do love yourself you no longer continue down the butthole jerk path. It is ok to forgive yourself. It is ok to put the negative in the past and leave it there. It is possible to change and start a new life even within the next minute. You deserve to be loved and you deserve to love yourself. 

One of my favorite quotes from my book, "Change Your Story, Create Your Life" goes something like this: you are worthy of the future you are creating at this moment.One meaning of this is that you are creating your future right now and you are worthy of creating a beautiful life. When you love yourself, you create a beautiful life. 

If this is a difficult concept for you then start to look at yourself with gratitude. What can you appreciate about yourself? Start there, everyday, by thinking about what you appreciate about yourself. It can be as simple as being grateful for intelligence, strength, mobility‚Ķ Then move to love. What do you love about yourself? Think about that and then let the list grow. Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you love you. It sounds corny and may be awkward, but just do it! Look your beautiful self in the eyes and say, "I LOVE YOU". When you start to love yourself, your life changes for the better. You are always safe. By loving yourself, you create a power within yourself that is unstoppable. This is what you deserve. 

You are such a beautiful, amazing soul! Go easy on yourself, always. Go hard (but still love) on the ego part of the brain that creates self-defeating negative thoughts. Decide right now to change your thoughts of self to all-loving, all-grateful thoughts. Please know and accept right now that you are so incredible and amazing. There is no one else like you. The beauty and energy of love that you have within yourself is so immense it can light up a room. Allow your light to fill your heart and mind with loving thoughts of self. 

With Love, 


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Tuesday, 28 May 2024
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