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An Optimists Pessimistic View of Over-Commercialized Holidays

An Optimists Pessimistic View of Over-Commercialized Holidays

Oh joy, another holiday is upon us!

I know I'm suppose to be focusing on the meaning of Easter or whatever holiday it may be, but I'm to busy boiling eggs, painting eggs, buying plastic eggs and candy, stuffing plastic eggs with candy, eating some of the candy I'm stuffing in the eggs, planning an easter menu, clipping coupons, buying groceries, cooking, planning, washing the fine china, cleaning the house, baking...the list is never ending. Somewhere in there I try to eat and sleep. It has become, dare I say, ridiculous! We have gone from the kids getting candy from an easter egg hunt, to getting big gift baskets with actual toys and other gifts. Since when does the easter bunny shop at Target? And why do we have to eat ham on easter or turkey on Thanksgiving? Why can't we eat hot dogs or tacos? All this food is expensive and the cooking all day takes a toll. Then the relatives come over, eat like pigs, soil the nice clothe napkins, plug up your toilet, and pass out on the couch (just kidding relatives, I love you! But there is some truth to that).

The holidays have become a retailers dream and a mothers nightmare. I'm so broke and tired by the time the actual holiday rolls around I simply don't care anymore, which is really sad because the holidays used to be very meaningful for me. As I became a Mother I got caught up in the insanity. It sucked me right in and here I am playing the game. I wonder, other than becoming an atheist how can I escape this commercialized nightmare society has thrown me in? If I don't let my kids have gifts and candy I get a guilt trip. But guess what? When a kid gets a gift every other day for no apparent reason other than, say, it's Tuesday, they turn into an ungrateful spoiled brat. Also, news flash, candy is bad for you. Now I don't mind if the children have a little candy now and then, but on the holidays they seem to receive gallons upon gallons of it from everyone. It would be nice if the Easter Bunny would give a gift certificate to the dentist in addition to all the candy treats. Cavities, yet another holiday expense.

It is around the time my stress level is peaking and I'm at the height of my wallowing, that I take notice of the children. Then the annoying nuances go away and all I see is joy, excitement, and love. Not just on my children, but on all children. Oh yes, now I remember, the holidays are a beautiful thing with great meaning. Then I focus on being grateful for having the chance to visit with such great relatives and the real meaning of why the holiday even exists. That lasts for about 15 minutes, then the egg timer buzzer goes off and it's time to paint some more stupid eggs. Now I know why they were always drinking wine in the bible! 


Lisa Karen

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Sunday, 25 February 2024
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