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A Message to Pre-Teen/Teen Girls and Boys

A Message to Pre-Teen/Teen Girls and Boys

You are in a stage of your life that can be wonderful, but also scary. There are so many changes happening. You are growing and evolving and learning about life. Often times at this stage there are feelings of insecurity; doubt; not feeling good enough; longing to be liked and loved and popular. You are living most of your life in a social school environment that is not real. The social groupings that put people in categories that supposedly define them does not have to define you. This popularity hierarchy that decides who is important and who is not, is not real. You do not have to accept these immature and egocentric societal norms as your reality.

This is what is real: You are important. You matter. You are a beautiful soul. You have the power to create your life. What matters is what you think of yourself, not what others think. You should love yourself exactly as you are. You are amazing exactly as you are. Whether or not you are "popular" doesn't matter. What matters is if you decide to see yourself as "popular" within yourself.

The reality is that we are all "popular". When you look at the "popular" kid you see someone who is special, meaningful, important… Well I have news for you, you are popular, I am popular, everyone is popular. At the level of our true self, our soul, we are all popular and just as important as any other. You have the qualities you see in the popular kids.

At your age you have so many paths before you and you have the power to choose which path you want to go down. Yes, you have that power. You can decide to be confident, to feel good about yourself, to be positive, to focus on all of your wonderful qualities, to be kind to others. You are also at an age where hormones can automatically turn the thoughts inside your head into drama and negativity. What you need to know, right now, to save yourself a life of anguish, is that YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CONTROL YOUR THOUGHTS. When the drama and negativity show up, you can change those thoughts. When you start to change your thoughts to be more positive you start to go down the good path and good things show up in your life.

You also have the power to decide what you want to believe rather than let others decide for you. For instance, if someone is mean to you and calls you a name, you don't have to believe them. What others say to you does not have to be your truth. You get to decide what your truth is. Let this be your truth: I am beautiful inside and out, just as I am. I am good enough. I am smart. My body is fabulous just as it is. I accept myself just as I am. I am perfect, just as I am. I will choose to be kind to others and more importantly, be kind to myself.

Life can be wonderful and amazing if you let it be. Love who you are. Take positive paths.

Lisa Karen ...

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Wednesday, 30 September 2020

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